Why the Human Touch is Still so Crucial in Customer Service

‘Press one for x, press two for xx, three for xxx, four to talk to one of our customer service representatives.’ How many times have you fumed through this scenario and breathed a sigh of relief when you heard the final option? Why do you occasionally see companies proudly announcing that you will always talk to a person when you call them? Doesn’t it make you feel good when you enter a shop and a member of staff steps up to welcome you in with a beaming smile?

Customers Like the Personal Touch

There’s no doubt about it. Even a live chat option online can relieve frustration and make a customer more inclined to do some business. Not only is it good for business, it’s good for staff too to have satisfying human interaction during their working day. Provided they are properly trained and know what they are doing, it makes for more job satisfaction and a loyal workforce.

What Skills are Needed?

Staff members need to be patient and friendly, to listen carefully to any customer concerns and be able to satisfy them. They should know as much as possible about your products and services, but also know their limitations and when to hand a customer over to someone better qualified to help.

The most helpful thing they can do is diffuse a difficult situation. Someone with the ability to calm down irate customers and satisfy them, so that they leave the premises or the phone call with no ill feelings, is worth their weight in gold for potentially rescuing the business reputation.

The Economics of Customer Service

Of course it makes sense to cut costs and remain competitive with automated services in some areas, like simple on-line transactions and bill payments. However, it is clear that it is still crucial to maintain the human touch in many others. Research has shown that giving people positive and stress free interactions by phone and in person induces feelings of trust and reassurance and makes them loyal and ready to come back for more.

If you are getting repeat business and a growing following through word of mouth, you won’t need to throw extra resources into crisis marketing. Why not discuss these elements with your local bookkeepers before you decide where to spend your assets on consolidating and growing your business.

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