Payment Processors and Card Readers – Which are Best for Your Business?

Card readers

If your small business is ready to start taking card payments, you may be wondering which payment processors are the most suitable and if it’s best to hire or buy payment card readers. Whilst most offer the same basic function, it could be the detail in the feature, the hidden costs or the type of payment which help you make a final choice. Let’s explore some of the top card readers.

Spring Budget 2023 – What it Means for Your Small Business

Spring Budget 2023

In March, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his Spring Budget 2023. From tax changes to energy support, we take a look at the main points which will affect small businesses and see how the government plans to provide support in these challenging times.

Flat Rate VAT Vs Standard Rate VAT – Which is Best for Your Business?

Differences between Flat Rate and Standard Rate VAT

Understanding the differences between Flat Rate and Standard Rate VAT is important when you are considering going VAT registered, or if you are about to reach the VAT threshold where registration is mandatory. There’s no formula to say one is better than the other, but understanding how the Standard Rate VAT and the VAT Flat Rate Schemes work can help you weigh up which is right for your business, if you have the choice between the two.

Virtual Cards – What are They, and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Virtual credit cards

Virtual cards can drastically change the way your business manages and makes payments, saving your business time and money as well as increasing security and flexibility to your team. Here we explore the benefits of virtual credit cards and how they can make a difference to your business.

Making Tax Digital for ITSA Delayed – What it Means for The Self-Employed

Making Tax Digital

The government recently announced that the Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax Self-Assessment scheme for the self-employed, sole traders and landlords would be delayed until a phased approach in April 2026. Here we look at the implications along with important information such as how to sign up for MTD and the software you need to submit records to HMRC.

Autumn Statement: What it Means for Business

Autumn Statement 2022

In the Autumn Statement 2022, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced some reversals to the mini budget that took place in September. He also announced several measures to attempt to stabilise the fragile economy. Here we look at some of these key points and how they might affect limited companies and sole traders.

The Latest on the Mini Budget

It’s always our mission to deliver the latest news affecting tax, the economy and government policy on finance, but possibly there has never been so much uncertainty, with changes being announced left, right and centre. Now things have settled – at least for the short term – let’s take a look at what was announced in the September 2022 mini budget, and what’s changed since.

How to Save Money as a Small Business in 2022

Business money saving tips

With the cost of living crisis hitting businesses hard on the bottom line, it is a good time to be looking at ways to save money. The following tips will help you reduce costs, without compromising on service quality or client care.

How to Set Up and Run Payroll


Employers in the UK are required to follow specific guidelines when setting up and running payroll. Here we take you through each stage so that you can prepare and run your payroll in line with the rules.

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