Save your Business Time and Money by Outsourcing

Outsource your Bookkeeping and Admin Systems

Every business large or small is currently focusing on one main thing: saving money.

One of the major recommendations being made by trade bodies is to outsource where possible. This will have an immediate reducing effect on overheads by replacing expensive salaried staff with a service that you can use as and when you need it.

One such service is bookkeeping and office administration. Office Assistants has seen a recent upturn in companies outsourcing things like payroll administration, invoicing and bookkeeping. Lynn Watson, director of Office Assistants, has this to say: ‘In-house accounts departments are considered a luxury for many small or medium sized businesses these days. It’s far more economical to hire a company to come in and deal with your month-end, invoicing or Payroll as required. There are no employer contributions to worry about, and of course when it’s quiet you are not paying staff to sit around doing nothing.’

Services such as those provided by Office Assistants are usually flexible so they fit in with the needs of any business. Lynn says, ‘Our clients just pick and choose what they want us to do and when they want us to do it. It could be a VAT return, regular CIS work, monthly Payroll, or even typing letters or producing invoices.’

Any business looking to make considerable savings on their business running costs would do well to seek the help of a company like Office Assistants.

If you are located in Essex, London or the southeast of England and feel your business could benefit from the savings promised by Office Assistants, then contact us.

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