New Mobile Phone Directory: How to Prevent Unwanted Calls!

A new directory of personal mobile telephone numbers was launched at the end of last month.

118800 aims to connect people in two ways. Firstly by texting anyone you’d like to contact – providing they have their number in their directory – with your mobile phone number so that they can contact you. And secondly by trying to connect you directly to the mobile phone or landline of the person you want to contact. And of course vice versa where people may be looking to contact you. The service costs £1 per contact provided.

It is likely that your mobile number is on this directory and despite the company saying they will never sell your details to sales organisations there is still some likelihood that you could be subject to unsolicited calls. More worryingly, even though 118800 is committed to only listing the numbers of adults over the age of 18, it does admit that it cannot be responsible for providing enquirers with the contact details of those children that use mobile phones contracted under their parents’ names.

How to Become Ex-Directory

The reason for this bulletin therefore is to let you know how to remove yours – and your children’s if appropriate – mobile numbers from the 118800 directory so as to prevent unwanted calls.

1. Visit:
2. Enter your mobile number in the space provided
3. Enter the spam filter code as shown
4. Click Submit
5. You will receive a security code by text message
6. Enter the security code in the space provided
7. You will see a confirmation message on screen advising you that you are now ex-directory

Further information:

BBC report
118800 website

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