How to Use the Internet of Things to Your Advantage as a Small Business

Nowadays, the Internet of Things allows us to control everything from our heating to our TV recording devices via the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT), quite literally, means connecting everything and anything to the internet. But how can this connectivity help small businesses?

Well, as the possibilities are almost endless, there are multiple ways that small businesses can take advantage of the IoT. Here are just a few examples of how it can help your brand.

Boost your Energy Efficiency

If you work in a physical office or premises, using the IoT can help you to keep track of your utility bills. The use of sensors and trackers (such as Hive, Nest and Tado, or a more advanced automation system) can be used to control your heating and lighting remotely and only use your electricity and heating when you need to.

Ensure Quality Control

Where small businesses have multiple production sites, the IoT can be used across sites to ensure that quality is of a consistent standard no matter where it is produced. Sensore readings can tell a business owner what is happening at any given site to aid this.

For example, if you work in the agricultural sector, the sensors can tell you what the light levels or moisture levels are like at any particular site. Furthermore, you can also control irrigation systems or UV lamps at the touch of a button when off site.

Keeping Stock

The retail sector has always been ahead of the came when it comes to smart technology, having used the IoT to keep track of stock and tell the end user which store it is in stock in.

Similarly, it can be used for transportation, to make decisions about peak shipping times and when is best to transport goods by road, rail or sea. The IoT basically makes the use of telematics as used by large companies available to SMEs.

Track your Staffing Levels

Not only can you keep track of your stock levels, but you can also use the IoT to make smart choices about when to bring in extra staff if they are expecting a busy period. Similarly, this will also help small to medium businesses to avoid being overstaffed during quiet times.

No matter what extent you use the Internet of Things, embracing it will surely help productivity and increase revenue. Having the technology at the touch of a button will help to put you in control of emerging trends and ensure less waste.

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