Helping the Environment by Helping Yourself

Would you like to green your business premises and save money at the same time? Most people realise that using solar energy brings a return for the energy generated as well as keeping the building warm and light and running all the appliances and computer equipment.

A Green Deal to Fund Your Investment

But where do you get the finance to have the solar panels installed? You might already be able to get an interest-free loan for the purpose from the Carbon Trust. And next year, the government proposes to introduce a Green Deal Scheme, through which you can borrow up to £10,000, with your repayment instalments no more than the savings you make on electricity bills. If you decided to go this route, a few years down the line you would be free of the debt with far lower overheads. So more profit for your business!

As currently proposed, the Green Deal applies to both homes and small business premises, so one way or another, you are bound to qualify. It is expected to cover most energy saving projects, insulation as well as power generated from solar or wind sources.

Business Opportunities for Some

If you are in a sector that makes, advises on or installs the products that help people use less energy, this will also mean more work opportunities for future years. In this case you need to set in motion your preparations for holding the Green Deal Quality Mark.

Raising Awareness

And we all need to spread the word and talk to our customers, friends and acquaintances about the benefits the Green Deal will bring to our pockets, profit margins, homes and other premises; the related business opportunities; and of course to our environment. The UK has pledged to cut carbon emissions by eighty per cent by 2027. There is a long way to go, and the business community can help while reducing its own costs and boosting its bottom line.

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