Employment Allowance – Saving Your Business Money and Helping You Grow

Most small business owners understand how crucial it is to manage their finances in order to operate successfully. A significant way to save money and stimulate growth for your business is to take advantage of the Employment Allowance. Here we explore the ins and outs of the Employment Allowance, and how it can benefit your business.

What is Employment Allowance?

Employment Allowance is a government initiative introduced to support small and medium-sized businesses by reducing the burden of National Insurance Contributions (NICs). Since its inception in April 2014, it has been a valuable resource for businesses, providing financial relief and encouraging employment growth.

Employment Allowance enables employers to reduce their National Insurance liability by up to £5,000 per tax year. Eligible employers will pay less National Insurance each time a payroll is run until the £5,000 has gone or the tax year ends, whichever is sooner.

Who is eligible for Employment Allowance?

You are entitled to Employment Allowance if you are a business or a charity, and your employers’ Class 1 National Insurance liabilities were less than £100,000 in the previous tax year.

You cannot claim if you’re a public body, or if your business operates more than half its business in the public sector, unless you are a charity. You also cannot claim Employment Allowance if you’re a company with only one employee paid above the Class 1 National Insurance secondary threshold, or if the employee is also a director of your company.

If your business is eligible, you are entitled to offset up to £5,000 against employer Class 1 National Insurance liabilities for the tax year.

What are the benefits of Employment Allowance to small businesses?

Cost savings

Perhaps the primary advantage of Employment Allowance is the potential cost saving it offers. Eligible businesses can reduce their employer NICs by up to a fixed amount each tax year, helping to free up funds which can be reinvested. The current allowance of up to £5,000 can make a significant difference to those businesses on a tight budget or struggling with rising costs.

Boost to hiring

By reducing the financial burden, Employment Allowance encourages small businesses to expand their workforce. The saved funds can be utilised to recruit new employees or retain existing ones. Hiring additional staff members can provide much-needed support, allowing your business to take on more projects, increase productivity, and improve customer service.

Growth and investment opportunities

The financial relief provided by Employment Allowance can make a real difference to small businesses that are aiming to grow and expand. The saved funds can be re-invested in different areas of the business which can help to increase competitiveness and unlock new business opportunities.

Administrative simplicity

Applying for and utilising Employment Allowance is a relatively straightforward process and, once claimed, it will automatically be deducted from your employer NICs throughout the tax year. This streamlined approach saves time and eliminates the need for complex calculations, enabling you to focus on core business operations.

Employment Allowance for your small business

Employment Allowance presents an opportunity for small businesses to save money, invest in growth and create employment opportunities. By reducing employer National Insurance Contributions, the initiative helps alleviate financial burdens, allowing you to focus on developing your business.

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