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Business owners in Essex and London who are struggling to keep up with their monthly CIS Returns should take a look at the service being offered by Office Assistants.

Penalties charged for late or non-submission of CIS returns are high and can be easily avoided by handing over to an experienced company like Office Assistants that has dedicated, fully trained and qualified staff waiting to take the job off time strapped hands.

Lynn Watson, Managing Director of the Essex based company says: ‘We keep in touch with clients to ensure we get the details we need at the right time so that the returns can be filed within the crucial two week window every month. Our specially designed summary sheets are easy to follow, even for businesses that struggle with paperwork. Another option to make it even easier is to phone, fax or e-mail the necessary details over or even put everything in one of our freepost envelopes. We just want to make the service as straightforward and flexible as possible for the small business owner.’

Office Assistants has been providing bookkeeping services to sole traders and small and medium sized companies for more than 20 years. They are dedicated to taking the strain of business paperwork off business owners’ shoulders, especially where the business is not large enough to employ its own accounts staff.

The Office Assistants CIS service includes preparing statements of payments and deductions: something that any business using sub contractors is legally required to provide. Lynn says: ‘We will advise how much CIS tax needs to be paid to HM Revenue & Customs, or alternatively we can combine the service with the payroll system which we can also handle. Whenever a new sub-contractor is taken on it can be left to us to get them verified online or by telephone which is essential to ensure tax is deducted at the correct rate and penalties are avoided.’

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