Shortage of Accounting Staff Affecting Small Businesses

Finding trained, qualified and reliable accounting staff is always difficult. No matter your sector, finding somebody perfect for a role that involves number crunching can be a real slog.

In fact, according to a survey of staffing in finance and accounting by recruiter Poolia, 38 per cent of employers have had problems finding the right person for the job in the past. This is worrying, especially as the survey also revealed that 30% of those interviewed were actually looking for an accounting or finance employee.

But why are accounting employees important and what should you do if you cannot find someone to fill the void?

The Problem: Payroll
Every business calls for some form of accounts or finance assistance; whether it’s to manage the payroll, take care of the bookkeeping or control the sales and purchase ledger.

If you are struggling to complete the payroll every month you will need to employ someone who can. This could be an accounts manager who you employ to carry out this type of work. Alternatively, it often works out cheaper and more reliable to outsource this work to a local bookkeeper.

Cash Flow
Knowing how much money is coming in and going out is a vital part of any business. Fail to get a grasp of this and your business may not survive for as long as you envisioned. Ideally, you should have someone on board whose job it is to keep on top of income and expenditure so each month you know just where your business is and how healthy the accounts look.

Again, do not despair if you cannot hire a full time member of staff to take care of it. A local bookkeeper will have many years experience in doing this kind of work and can do so offsite on your behalf. Sometimes they even provide a special service for sole traders and owner managed businesses that have little time to do anything but work and earn money.

Look out for an outsourced bookkeeper if any of these problems are currently affecting your business. Remember that you are not alone – there are services out there that can help you.

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