Password Protect Online Tax Return

Submitting an Online Self Assessment? Protect your Password!

HMRC has recently issued a warning to the self employed tax payer who submits an online self assessment return.

According to HMRC, fraudsters have been making illegal claims by impersonating taxpayers.

When you submit an online tax return, HMRC gives you a unique password so that you can access your online account.

It is vital to keep this password confidential; it is as important as a PIN and very worryingly could allow criminals to get their hands on your money.

Some people are inadvertently making these passwords available to thieves by writing them down and then throwing them away with other rubbish that contains person data. The combination of this information is enough for fraudsters to be able to access your online account and arrange for any funds due to you to be paid into their accounts rather than yours.

The message is clear: keep your password safe. Don’t disclose it or write it down; otherwise you could find yourself the victim of fraud. Contact us if you need any advice.

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