Freelancers Sometimes Make More Sense than Employees

When you are supplying a service or a product, that’s what you need to concentrate on if you are to make any money. But running a business involves all sorts of other jobs that have to be covered and can keep you away from your core activity. That’s why you need to employ other people to deal with all these intricacies, allowing you to get out there and make a profit.

When Cash is Hard to Come By

But what if you have a very young business where funding is stretched, or the recession has hit you so hard you’ve had to let people go? You simply can’t afford to take on permanent employees.

That’s where freelancers come in. You accept or negotiate their charges up front and employ them for as little or as long as you can afford. They know that you will review their performance before you call them back, so they will do their best for you.

Use of Freelancers is Soaring

Recent research has shown a phenomenal rise in the use of freelancers by small businesses. The rise in the year to July 2011, compared to the previous 12 months, was reported to be 68%. And around one in 20 workers in the UK works as a freelance. Many of them have specialist skills and experience that can be a real benefit to your business, and would command an extremely high salary if you were to take them onto your payroll.

Benefits of Using Freelancers

When you use freelancers, you pay for the time they work for you, not for their holidays or when they are off sick. And remember, you are under no obligation to offer more work than you can pay for. Just make sure this is all agreed in writing before they start work.

Whether you want admin help or assistance with a marketing campaign, you’ll find experienced freelancers who won’t need training except for a quick induction. They will be accustomed to finding out what they need to know about each business they work for, and they won’t take up too much of your time. And they can often bring a fresh perspective to the tasks involved, so you can benefit from ideas you may not have thought of yourself.

This is particularly helpful when you’ve outsourced your bookkeeping if you are concerned about credit control or meeting regulatory deadlines. It’s always worth considering a freelancer who doesn’t have to go on the payroll.

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