Cloud Computing Could Benefit your Business

If you are already a fan of cloud computing, you’ll know all about the benefits for businesses that have embraced it. Many business owners though are still cautious about using it because of the problems that have been associated with it in the past, and because of some of the cyber-crime stories that are still around.

What they may not realise is that providers of cloud computing services are technical experts who employ all the state of the art techniques to keep their private servers and their customers’ data ultra-secure. In fact they claim, with some justification in the opinion of many bookkeepers, that your data is more secure in the cloud than when it is just kept on a PC or mobile device that is connected to the internet without these up to the minute security barriers.

The Easiest Back up and Disaster Recovery Facility

There are a number of ways to use the cloud. You might just want to have a secure backup facility that means everything is automatically backed up at regular intervals and is readily accessible to you if you need it. It’s so much easier than having to use some kind of external hard drive, making your back up yet another task for each day.

If everything is saved in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about your data being lost in a fire or other catastrophe. Everyone hopes and expects that this will never happen, but if it did, you could concentrate on the myriad other things to be dealt with, confident that at least your data is safe.

The Hosted Desktop

Some entrepreneurs go the whole hog and commission a hosted desktop service, in which they operate in the cloud pretty much all the time. Their systems are hosted on secure servers at a data centre and can be accessed on any PC or mobile device that is authorised. They don’t have to upgrade their hardware to accommodate new versions of software or make more space available. Their software is upgraded for them as and when new versions become available. All the technical support needed is supplied by the service provider for a monthly fee which covers the software licences and upgrades.

Budgeting and financial planning becomes much simpler. That’s why accountants and bookkeepers usually find the concept interesting. If you are wondering whether you could benefit from turning to the cloud, why not discuss the pros and cons with your outsourced bookkeepers and see what they think.

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