2018 Autumn Budget Summary
3 Exciting Small Business Trends to Look out for in 2020
3 Ways a Bookkeeper Makes a Wise Investment for a Limited Company
6 Tax Saving Strategies for Your Small Business
A Company Guide to Benefits in Kind
A Guide to Benefits in Kind
A Guide to Business Banking for Limited Companies
A Guide to Choosing the Best Business Structure for Your New Enterprise
A Guide to Dividends
A Guide to Employing Executive Staff
A Guide to End of Year Tax Planning
A Guide to Form P11D
A Guide to Keeping Employees Happy and Fulfilled
A Guide to Limited Company Allowable Expenses
A Guide to Making Pension Contributions Through a Limited Company
A Guide to Making Tax Digital for VAT
A Guide to Misfeasance Claims
A Guide to Preference Claims
A Guide to Research and Development Tax Relief
A Guide to Self Employed Expenses
A Guide to Travelling Expenses for the Limited Company
A Guide to Whether your Business Could Save Money on Energy
A New Method of Invoice Financing
A Useful Summary of Employment Law Changes April 2016
Accentism the Latest Workplace Discrimination Issue
Accolade from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
Accountants Services
Adequate and Accurate Accounting Records
Admin department
Advice on Chasing Late Payments
After the August Riot Mayhem
All You Need to Know About Financial Statements
All you Need to Know About Secondments
Ambitions for your Small Business
An Employers Guide to Brexit
Annual company accounts filing penalties
Apprentices to be Top Source of Talent in 2018
Are You Eligible for Rate Relief
Are you Ready for RTI
Are you Wasting Too Much Time on Admin
Are your Procurement Practices Helping your Business
Areas to Manage to Prevent Business Failure
Automatic Tax Penalties
Autumn Budget 2017 Key Announcements for Small Businesses
Autumn Budget 2017 Predictions
Autumn Budget 2021 Review for Small Businesses
Avoid Staff Entitlement Confusion in Your Business
Bank Loan Appeals
Banks Must Now Offer an Alternative to Businesses Turned Down for Finance
Be Prepared for the New Waste Management Laws
Be Prepared for the Next Tax Year
Beware the Employee Private Admin Cyber Security Risk
Bookkeeping advice Essex and London
Bookkeeping services for building and construction companies
Bookkeeping services for plumbers electricians air conditioning contractors and tradespeople in southeast England
Bribery Act Sentencing a Real Deterrent
Budget 2021 Summary for Businesses
Budget News for Small Businesses
Business Advice from Chartered Accountants
Business Expenses Advice for Small Businesses
Business Expenses to Claim Against Income Tax
Business Growth Beyond our Shores
Business Insurance
Business Plan
Business Support in 2011
Business Survival in Hard Times
Businesses Need to Prepare for the National Living Wage
CIS service from Essex bookkeeping firm
Can You Pay Your Bills on Time
Cash Basis Accounting Explained
Cash Flow Consistency
Cash Flow Forecasting
Cash Flow Management
Cash Flow Management Plan
Cash Flow Warning Signs
Changes to the Law on Marketing Calls and Texts
Charity Urging Businesses to Increase Employment for those with Learning Disabilities
Cheque Guarantees Go out of the Window
Cheque Payments
Choosing Safer Business Risks
Christmas Advice for Employers
Christmas Will it be a Taxing Time for your Business
Claiming Expenses for Tax and VAT
Claiming Tax Relief on a Garden Office
Claiming for Clothing as a Business Expense
Client Services
Cloud Computing Could Benefit your Business
Common Misconceptions About Claiming VAT Back
Compliance With the Bribery Act 2010
Consultation on Business Insurance Law Reform Proposals
Continued Support for Clients During Coronavirus
Corporation Tax Changes in 2011
Cost Cutting Tips
Could you be Paying Unnecessary Tax
Credit Rating
Crisis in Flood Insurance
Crucial Christmas Considerations for Employers
Current Government Consultations
Data Protection Act
Data Protection Law to see Biggest Change in 20 Years
Data Vulnerability Could Cost Small Businesses Dear
Dealing with E Cigarettes in the Workplace
Dealing with Weather Enforced Staff Absence
Debt Recovery Guide
Deferring Tax
Did you Fall into the Swap Trap
Digital Signatures Now Permissible by law
Direct Debit and Standing Orders
Directors Loan Accounts Explained
Disqualified Directors Acting as Shareholders
Dividend Tax Increase from April 2022
Do Not Allow Your Systems to Let you Down
Do Not Lose Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
Do you Have Public Liability Insurance
Do you Have a Good Accountant
Do you Have the Right Bank Accounts
Do you Sell Online
Do you have Adequate Business Contents Insurance
Does your Company Logo Actually Belong to your Company
Dont Fall Foul of the Phishers
Dont Fall into the trap of Ambush Marketing
Dont be Just a Workaholic
Dont let cost cutting cost you money
Emarketplaces the Latest HMRC Campaign
Employed or Self Employed
Employee Referral Schemes Could Help you Find the Right Staff
Employers of Non EEA Workers Now Facing Increased Costs
Employment Law Changes April 2015
Essex Bookkeeping News Report 1
Essex Bookkeeping News Report 2
Extra Services for Essex and East London Small Businesses
Fake Bailiff Warning for Businesses
Farewell Default Retirement Age
Fewer Strands in the Tax Spaghetti Bowl
Finding Alternative Funding
Finding a bookkeeper
Fit for Work Service Now in Place
Five Days Paid Leave for Working Carers Could be on the Cards
Four Things to Consider Before Going it Alone with Self Employment
Fraudulent Trading in Insolvency Explained
Free e-mail reminders
Freelancers Sometimes Make More Sense than Employees
GDPR Essentials for Businesses
GDPR and Email Marketing
GDPR to Become Law Next Month
Get Ready for Significant Changes to Business Insurance with the Insurance Bill
Get Ready for the New Shared Parental Leave and Pay Rules
Get Your Business Prepared for Bad Weather
Get Your Personal Tax Return in on Time
Get into the Festive Spirit
Getting Back on Track After the Floods
Getting Familiar with the Sunday Working Rules
Getting Ready for Your Annual Accounts
Getting Ready for the New Plastic Packaging Tax
Getting Value from your Management Information
Getting Your Business Ready for Summer
Getting it Right with Subject Access Rights
Go the Extra Mile
Good News on Bank Lending
Government Changes
Government Gigabit Scheme a Boon for the Small Business
Government Guidance on VAT and Brexit
HMRC Checklist
HMRC Make RTI Easier for Small Businesses
HMRC email scam
Helping the Environment by Helping Yourself
Holiday Pay Must Include Results Based Commission Says New Ruling
Home Business Owners Must Check Their Insurance
How Bookkeepers Can Make a Difference
How Flexible Working Makes Businesses Attractive to Employees
How Technology can Help You Grow Your Business
How an Effective Todo List can Make all the Difference in Business
How the Capital Allowance Super Deduction Works
How the EU Referendum will Affect Small Businesses and Employers
How the Flexible Furlough Scheme Works
How the New Government Job Support Scheme Works
How to Attend Business Meetings Without Travelling
How to Avoid Late Payment and Prevent Cashflow Problems
How to Avoid Wrongful Trading in Insolvency
How to Boost Your Bottom Line with Charitable Giving
How to Choose a Name for your New Business
How to Deal with Bank Holidays and Part Time Workers
How to Deal with Reference Requests
How to Deal with Self Isolating Staff
How to Deal with a Summer Heatwave
How to Deal with an Overdrawn Directors Loan Account
How to Get Your Bank Lending to Your Business
How to Get Your New Business Off the Ground
How to Guard Yourself Against a Cyber Attack
How to Make Sure Your Credit Control System is Working Well
How to Make the Most of your Working Time
How to Manage Mental Health in the Workplace
How to Patent Your Invention
How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks
How to Protect Your Business from Online Scams
How to Protect Yourself as a Director or Company Officer
How to Save Money as a Small Business in 2022
How to Set Up and Run Payroll
How to Use the Internet of Things to Your Advantage as a Small Business
How to become a sole trader
How would you Cope with a Tax Investigation
If You are too Busy for a Holiday Take the Work with you
Important Change to the Law on Contractual Penalties
Important Considerations for Employers of Remote Workers
Important Dates for the Small Business Pension Diary 2017
In Business Together
Insurance Hidden Rule
Is Late Payment Affecting Your Business
It is Not a Crime to Be Wrong
Job Changes no Longer Seen as Negative by Employers
Job Retention Scheme Extended in Light of Lockdown 2
Join the British Library for Free Business Advice
July Payment on Account
Keeping Up Your Credit Rating
Key Ruling in the Long Running Self Employed or Employed Argument
Landlord Wear and Tear Allowance to be Scrapped
Local Authorities and Small Businesses
Make Sure your Business Can Cope at Christmas
Making Tax Digital Key Dates
Managing Creditors
Managing Without Borrowing
Managing a Less Visible Fire Risk
Managing your Credit Rating
Maximise small business cashflow
Minimum Wage Rise October 2014
Mobile Phone Directory
Money no Object for Flood Relief
More Help for Small Firms Seeking Funds
More Ways to Get Value from your Outsourced Bookkeepers
National Insurance Rise
National Insurance and the New Health and Social Care Tax
National Living Wage Common Questions Answered
New Flexible Working Rules Explained
New Grant Scheme for Research & Development
New Ideas to Combat the Late Payment Problem
New Immigration Act Rules Now in Force
New Inheritance Tax Allowance Sparks Good News for Direct Descendants
New Legislation Every Business Needs to Know About in 2017
New Pension Regulation Dates Postponed
New Premises
New Regulations Affecting Building Developments with a Commercial Nature
New Rules for Crowdfunding
New Rules on Consumer Data Imminent
New Rules on PSC Registers
New Small Business Taskforce to Speak up for SMEs
New Tax Rules Affecting Company Distributions
New Year New Pricing
New Year System Review
Non Bank Fundraising via Funding Circle
Office Assistants News
Office Assistants News 2
Office Assistants offers Bespoke Bookkeeping Package for Sole Traders
Official Recognition for Entrepreneurs
Olympic Inspiration
Online Banking
Operating as a Sole Trader Following Director Disqualification
Opportunities of Apprenticeships
Other Pages
Our Services
Outsourcing saves money
PO Box
Password Protect Online Tax Return
Pension Auto Enrolment Reminder
Pension Auto Enrolment and the Micro Business
Petition to Halt New Tax on Share Dividends
Physical Data Security for GDPR Compliance
Pitchforit Brings Dragons Den Opportunities to All
Practising Risk Reversal Aids Business Growth
PreBudget Report
Prepare for the VAT Rise
Preparing for Consumer Rights Act 2015 Changes
Preparing for Payroll Changes April 2020
Preparing for Pension Reform
Preparing for the New Rules on PSC Registers
Preparing for the Unexpected with a Disaster Recovery Plan
Privacy Policy
Protecting Your Business from Cyber Crime
Proud to Achieve Xero Silver Partner Status
Real Time Information on PAYE
Reaping the Benefits of Management Accounts
Recognising When Your Customers Are in Trouble
Recommendations for Keeping Your Books in Line
Reduced Red Tape on Tax on the Way
Regular Bulletins
Regular Voluntary Overtime Included in Holiday Pay
Regulation Reforms for the Small Business
Remember to License your Olympics Viewing
Reprieve for Cheques
Research Highlights the Importance of Holidays for Business Owners
Royal Mail Survival Plan a Threat to Small Businesses
SME Relief from Onerous Reporting Requirements
SMEs Making a Vital Contribution
Self certification mortgage cull
Service Guides
Shared Parental Leave Campaign Follows Poor Take Up
Shared Parental Leave the Story so Far
Shortage of Accounting Staff Affecting Small Businesses
Small Business Aspects of the Autumn Statement
Small Businesses Get help with Problem Solving
Small Businesses and Real Time Information
Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference
Smarter Purchasing to Reduce Costs
Sole Trader Advantages & Disadvantages
Sole Trader or Limited Company
Staff waste time on internet
Standard Rate VAT versus Flat Rate VAT
Starting the Working Day in Bed
Statutory Pay Freeze for 2016
Subcontractor Tax Refund
Supporting Our Clients Through the Coronavirus Pandemic
Take Care When Telemarketing to Avoid Costly Fines
Taking Care of Lone Workers
Taking Care of Mental Health in the Workplace
Taking Part in a Pop Up Shop Project
Tax Aspects of Company Cars
Tax Benefits of Working from Home
Tax Changes Affecting Buy to Let Investors
Tax Credits
Tax Cut Makes Rent a Room Scheme Even More Attractive
Tax Exempt Bonuses Could Boost Staff Morale
Tax Policy and Credit Rating
Tax saving tips
Test S
The Apprenticeship Levy Explained
The Benefits of Business Forums to the Small Business Owner
The Benefits of Cash Flow Forecasting and How to do it
The Benefits of Going Electric With Your Company Vehicle
The Benefits of Keeping Management Accounts
The Benefits of Nonexecutive Directors
The Best Tax Structure for your Small Business
The Chancellors Budget for Business
The Difference Between your Profit and Loss Account and your Balance Sheet
The Different Ways of Paying your Staff
The Dreaded HMRC Enquiry
The Extended Working Day
The Gig Economy a Guide for Employers
The Importance of Cash Flow Management
The Importance of Creating a Budget
The Importance of Getting Your Buildings Reinstatement Value Right
The Importance of Good Financial Record Keeping
The Importance of Having Sensible Payment Policies
The Importance of Having a Dynamic Lockdown Strategy
The Importance of Keeping the Cash Flowing
The Importance of Numbers in Business
The Latest Business Trends for 2017
The Law on Employing Children
The Law on Holiday Pay and Casual Workers
The Law on Work Rest Breaks Explained
The MTD Guide to Digital Record Keeping
The NIC Break for Employers
The New Broom at the Bank of England
The New Off Payroll Working Rules Explained
The Payroll Basics
The Perils of Having Favourites Among your Staff Members
The Problem of Business Inflation
The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin
The Pros and Cons of Exporting
The Pros and Cons of Paying a Tax Bill Early
The Pros and Cons of Traditional Accounting
The Role of Local Enterprise Partnerships
The Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act 2015
The Small Business Personal Touch
The Vital Importance of Partnership Agreements
The importance of having a privacy notice and data protection policy in light of GDPR
Things to Consider When Introducing Bring Your Own Device Working
Things to Consider when Choosing a Bookkeeper for your Limited Company
Time for Employers to Get Winter Ready
Time to Pay in 2021
Time to Think About Whether You Are Working Too Long and Too Hard
Time to Think About Whether You Can Cope with a Rise in Interest Rates
Time to Update Your Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments
Tips for a Smooth Running Cash Flow
Tips on Developing Your Business
To Sit or to Stand Examined
Toll Fraud Could be the Latest Threat to Businesses
Top Tips for Online Banking
Two important insurance policies businesses think they have but usually do not have
Underinsurance Warning for Businesses
Understand Basic Business Terms to Get Ahead
Understanding the Law on Unfair Terms and Conditions
Unfair VAT relief to change
Useful Coronavirus Resources for Employers and the Self Employed
Useful HMRC Resources
Useful Links
VAT Filing Rules
VAT Increase on New Years Day
VAT Knowledge Makes for a Healthier Balance Sheet
Warning for Employers over Tough New Health & Safety Sentencing Regime
What Businesses Need to Know now the Insurance Act is now in Force
What Happens When the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Ends
What VAT Registered Businesses Need to Know About the 2017 Flat Rate Scheme Changes
What You Need to Know About Changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
What You Need to Know About Making Tax Digital
What the 2017 Budget Means for the Smaller Business
What the Queens Diamond Jubilee Means for Business
What to Consider When Choosing a Business Bank
What to Consider When Taking on Your First Employee
What to Do About Late Payments
What you Need to Know About Competition Law
What you Need to Know About Gender Pay Gap Reporting
What you Need to Know About the New Confirmation Statement
What you Need to Know When Taking on an Apprentice
What you Need to Know as an Employer About Carrying Over Annual Leave
Whats Most Important Profit or Cash
Where Does Your Money Go
Why Directors Facing Insolvency Must Beware Transactions at Undervalue
Why Employers Need to Beware of Vicarious Liability
Why Employers Should Look to Soft Skills Over Technical Skills
Why You Need to Keep a Check on Your Energy Contracts
Why You Need to Take Care Over Employment Advertising
Why the Human Touch is Still so Crucial in Customer Service
Why you should Keep your Business Plan Up To Date
Will Social Media Help or Hinder your Business Success
Working Hours and Salary Main Drivers for Career Change
Yet Another Bank Holiday
Your Handy Business Travel Checklist

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