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You may simply be looking for a system to be put in place or streamlined so you can run it yourself; or want us to train you or your staff to administer your own processes. Or maybe you just want the whole thing administered for you leaving your hands free to run your company?

Whatever your needs, Office Assistants offers an all round, calm-inducing solution.


Whether you are looking for us to work at your premises, or are just happy to place all your paperwork in one of our freepost envelopes and let us do the rest, we'll find the perfect solution for you on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Sales and purchase invoices, statements, receipts and credit notes
  • Credit control and supplier payments
  • Statement, balance and bank reconciliations
  • Nominal Ledger and Cash Book transactions
  • Monthly accounts and month end
  • Trial Balance
  • Accountant and Auditor liaison
  • Free reminder service on important deadlines
  • Tax position advice

We also provide a special service for sole traders and owner managed businesses that have little time to do anything but work and earn money.

For a very reasonable monthly fee (starting from only £50 per month plus VAT), you could have everything taken care of including invoicing and the organisation of paperwork, bills and receipts. We will make sure you never miss important deadlines and can even save you money on accountancy fees with our Year End Accountants Pack. For more information see our News Article on Sole Trader Bookkeeping Services.


VAT is one of the biggest causes of headaches for business owners. With serious penalties for inaccurate or late VAT returns and laws frequently changing, keeping up to date with obligations and responsibilities can be impossible.

If your company is VAT registered then we can put a specialist bookkeeping system in place for you, accurately complete your returns and ensure they are submitted on time. We'll also make sure you are recovering your maximum entitlement.

In a nutshell, Office Assistants will alleviate the headaches associated with VAT, and save you time and money.


If you are struggling to keep up with your monthly CIS Returns and want to make sure your business is free from the penalties charged for late or non-submission, then why not hand over to Office Assistants?

We will keep in touch with you to ensure we get the details we need at the right time so that your returns can be filed within the crucial two week window every month. We have put together specially designed summary sheets for clients' ease, or alternatively we can accept details by telephone, fax or e-mail or via our freepost service; we are fully flexible.

As soon as we have all the information we will submit your return online, meaning that we get instant acknowledgement from HM Revenue & Customs that the return has been received. So that's job done, and full peace of mind for you.

If you are taking on new sub-contractors then you can leave it to us to get them verified on your behalf online or by telephone. This is essential to ensure you deduct tax at the correct rate as you can be penalised for mistakes.

Our service includes preparing statements of payments and deductions: something that you are legally required to give your sub-contractors. You may choose from invoice or payslip style depending on your preference. We will let you know how much CIS tax you need to pay HM Revenue & Customs, or alternatively we can combine the service with your payroll.

All in all, our CIS service is flexible and efficient, and one of our most popular programmes for smaller businesses that lack the time to conduct the process themselves within the strict timescales.

Management accounts allow you to plan ahead and prepare for sales fluctuations and key expenses in advance, as well as project future profits.

Office Assistants can help on a monthly or quarterly basis by providing:

  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Advice on how to deal with major areas of concern
  • Budgets and business Plans

Payroll processing consumes a large proportion of valuable time in any business, and not all companies can stretch to employing personnel dedicated to and capable of dealing with it.

Non-compliance with regulations carries penalties, so smaller businesses would be wise to seek outside, expert help to take the burden off their shoulders and ensure their Payroll systems are managed efficiently and accurately.

The Office Assistants payroll service includes:

  • Payslip production
  • statutory sick pay and statutory maternity and paternity payø
  • Processing and issuing of P45, P46, P11D, P35 P14 and P60s
  • Staff costs analysis and other reports as required
  • CIS Contractor deductions and Returns

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